Coil spreading and forming machines

For over 40 years, Schümann has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic coil-forming machines for coils between 500 mm and 6,000 mm length. To date, more than 100 machines are in operation all over the world. In cooperation with several of our clients, we have developed many custom designs for specific applications. We will certainly find the right solution for your coil specifications. Why not get in touch with us now?

Automatic coil-forming machine, model 2017

For spreading and forming closed and diamond shaped high-voltage coils. The machine is programmed with your coil data and automatically calculates the required adjustments.

For coil lengths up to 6,000 mm

Automatic coil-forming machine, model 2015

Standard machine for loops and “Flat Coil” technology.

For core lengths up to 2,000 mm

Automatic coil-forming machine, model 2012

For high-precision small coils and traction coils.

Pneumatic flat coil press, model 168

For forming insulated "Flat Coils"

into standard loops

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