Coil winding machines

Whether insertion coil sets for AC motors with coils of equal or unequal pitch, equal or unequal coil count - whether transformer coils, coils for wind power generators, exciter coils, magnet coils, induction coils, high-voltage pre-formed coils or bandaging units for rotors with steel wire or fibreglass tape, you can rest assured that through our extensive experience in custom machine construction - one thing is for sure: Our long experience in special machinery construction covers all power classes, winding tasks and procedures in electr-mechanical engineering and transformer construction.

Automatic coil winding machine, model "Selekta 212"

PLC-controlled winding machine for automatic winding of insertion coil sets and transformers with round and rectangular wire.

Model "Selekta 234"

Universal winding machine for manufacturing insertion coils for AC motors, armature coils and field coils. The machine, which is equipped with an automatic wire feeding system, is used for winding multi-layer coils for transformers.

Torque: 1,000 Nm

Custom designs upon request.

Model "Selektamat 234"

Insertion coil winding machine "Selektamat"

Model "Selekta 241"

Heavy-duty coil winding machine for winding transformers.

Torque: 4,000 Nm

Heavy-duty winding machine, model “Selekta 251”

As bandaging machine or coil winding machine for winding large transformers.

Torque up to 32.000 Nm
Load between the centres up to 20.000 kg

Model "Selekta 252"

Automatic bandaging machine with tape heating for bandaging rotors with tape and steel wire.


Heavy-duty pole winding machine, model “Selekta 265”

As bandaging machine or multi-layer coil winding machine for winding large transformers.

Face plate load 35.000 N
Torque 11.000 Nm
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