Tape-wound core winding machines

As early as in 1980, Schümann delivered the first fully automatic system for manufacturing tape-wound cores. To date, we have supplied more than 100 machines operating at our customer’s sites the world over. Our standard models have been developed for different core sizes and materials. We are also capable of developing custom designs to meet your particular requirements. Why not get in touch with us now?

Model 4006 / 4007

Automatic core winding machines for manufacturing toroidal cores from tape material with a high magnetic permeability such as FeNi and amorphous alloy

Thickness of tape 0,01 - 0,1 mm
Width of tape 5 - 30 mm
Max. core diameter 30 mm


Model 4010

Automatic tape-wound core winding machine for manufacturing cores from grain-oriented steel material.

Width of tape 10 - 60 mm
Max. core diameter 140 mm


Model 4020

Automatic core winding machine for manufacturing tape-wound cores and “C”cores from grain oriented steel materials.

Width of tape 10 - 70 mm
Max. core diameter (bands)  210 mm
Max. cross-section (C cores) 180 x 110 mm


Special designs on request

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