„From an innovation project to small series “

Schümann builds the 4th pole coil winding machine for a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines.

More than 4 years ago, our engineers asked themselves how the production process for pole or tooth coils with 3 wires could be carried out more efficiently and thus more economically. It quickly became clear that the wire, even with a height-to-width ratio of more than 2, had to be wound on edge and the tools required for the individual layers had to be eliminated. As simple as this may sound written down today, the actual implementation was more the challenging back then. Nonetheless our concept was convincing, and the first machine was built for a leading manufacturer of wind turbines. Further optimization based on this concept followed and currently the 4th machine of this type to produce exciter coils for wind turbines of the >12MW class is under construction.

Not only are we pleased about the development of this innovative project, but we are also especially proud of our indirect contribution to the ongoing worldwide energy transition.

What ideas do you have? Find out together with us how your ideas can be implemented in an economically sensible way or inform us of your requirements. In our tradition and spirit of innovation, we will make whatever project you have in mind successful.

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