New Coil Spreading and Forming Machine Concept 2025 Hybrid – The Best of Both Worlds

Our new design concept 2025 Hybrid for coil spreading and coil forming machines was developed by combining the best of both worlds - merging the precision of a servo-electric drive with the power of a hydraulic drive.

The new concept was created by combining over 40 years of innovative design thinking with the experience that comes from building over 200 coil forming machines of our popular machine models ("2000," "2012" - "2017," "2030") series.

The new hybrid drive system concept 2025 Hybrid offers numerous possibilities:

  • Hybrid drive system - combining the advantages of servo-electric and hydraulic drives.
  • Flat, two-section machine bed ensures an ergonomic working height. No pit or platform required, saving costs and offering flexibility for the installation site.
  • Clear division of electrical and hydraulic components – allows for easier maintenance and upkeep.
  • Compact design for a fast installation and improved on-site flexibility.
  • Proven forming-plate-concept - allows for maximum flexibility with one set of plates.
  • Reduction of setup times and of costs for tools compared to fixed forming tools.
  • Two-tower design - increased stability, easily adjustable via the servo-electric drives, allows for a shortening of the projection length, even when using short coil heads.
  • Flexibility and influence over the forming process - different tensile forces and forming stages ensure a better shaping of the coils.
  • Touchscreen operated- with an improved communication connection via the flexible machine interface, allowing for a better data exchange and a seamless integration with Industry 4.0 components
  • An innovative machine design to ensure an optimum UX experience, developed in collaboration with @2GradDesign.

Experience the benefits for yourself and get in touch with our team to discuss your manufacturing needs.  

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